Doctoral Theses

Doctoral theses

The clinical relevance of anti-HLA antibodies in renal transplantation – doctoral thesis completed and certified by CNADTCU in 2022 – Dr. Ion Maruntelu

The clinical relevance of miRNA in personalizing the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with chronic HBV infection – Dr. Marina Manea

Genetic factors involved in the metabolism of immunosuppressants in kidney transplant patients – Dr. Corina Dontu-Rotarescu

The role of MicroRNAs in nonalcoholic hepatic steatosis – Dr. Victor Stoica

The frequency of haplotypes in the Romanian population – Dr. Andreea Mirela Caragea

Typing of specific HLA alleles in chronic lymphoproliferations – Dr. Maria Tizu

Molecular analysis of HLA genes and the role of their polymorphism in chronic hepatitis B virus infection – Dr. Adriana Talangescu

The role of MicroRNAs in Inflammatory Digestive Diseases – Dr. Dimitri Apostol

The role of MicroRNAs in the evolution of kidney transplant patients – Dr. Alina Mihaela Ciobotaru

Cytokine profile as an expression of the reconstitution of the immune response post-bone marrow transplant – Dr. Cristina Martac


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